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stop problem noiseThe first point to make about the decibel measure is that it is non-linear. In simplified terms this means that one sound that is 10db louder than another is in fact TWICE as loud. Similarly a difference of 15db is THREE times as loud.
Sound travels in pressure waves to the human ear, which sends these impulses to our brains to be decoded as individual sounds. With sound insulation you block or muffle the intensity of incoming noise with a physical barrier.
soundproof your homeAlthough there a several extreme examples in the chart above that we may tollerate for short periods of time, none of us wants to endure outside noise in the comfort of our own home. Unfortunately the initial building materials used in houses or flats often offer too little acoustic shielding to keep out or effectively reduce external sounds. For many people, enduring the sound of their neighbours' footsteps, television or conversations has just been accepted as part of modern life. sound insulation productsA sound insulation project can dramaticaly improve your home's ability to shield you from invasive noise pollution. We have been providing the top industry acoustic shielding materials direct to homeowners for years. We understand what's involved in your project and will offer you the best priced materials to meet your need. The most repeated sentiment of our satisfied customers?
They wish they had sound insulated years ago!
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