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cut out problem noiseWith domestic noise pollution the acoustic shielding of walls, floors or ceilings is simply too poor to cut out or muffle intrusive sound. The chart below illustrates the sound reduction index (SRI). Select your current SRI start point and combining it with the SRI of one of our range of acoustic boards to get an idea of the increase in acoustic privacy. Remember that the decibel scale is not linear. A sound reduction of - 10db means the sound will appear half as loud as before. home soundproofingSoundproofing involves applying accoustic boards to the internal surfaces of your home (walls, ceilings/floors) that noise is coming through. We have a wide range of soundproofing products to suit all requirements and budgets. Our solution search automatically includes all of the additional materials (acoustic boards, sealants, adhesives etc) needed. You'll also get advice on the installation difficultly for each solution and comparisons of the cost and effectiveness. sound insulation projectA home sound insulation project can be completed as a DIY job (our clients have been installing their own soundproofing for years). Alternatively, if you prefer to get someone to do the work for you, a non specialist handyman can complete the project. We can also recommend an experienced fitting service in the London area. The main aim of the soundproofing process is to achieve a good acoustic seal with the surface that you are sound insulating to maximise the benefit.
how good is your home soundproofing?  
how good is your soundproofing?
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