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Following their soundproofing projects we asked our clients to outline their original problem, to comment on their experience with fitting their selected product and to let us know about the results. You can read a selection of the feedback that we've received below - split into wall, floor and ceiling project categories.
party wall projects    

Emma (30's house, brick party wall)
Problem: "Noisy neighbours - noise varied from full on parties to general noise, tv, coughing, talking etc"

Product : 52mm Sound stop panels.

Fitting: "Very straightforward as it is essentially just gluing boards to the wall. "

Result: "Background noise really reduced - you have to press your ear against the wall to hear anything! It's great to have some privacy!"

Heather (Victorian Build)
Problem: "I live next door to a very nice young family, unfortunately they have a nocturnal two year old who kept me awake as well as his harrassed parents. I didn't blame anyone, its just normal family life, but I needed to get some sleep at night.I found your web site and as the cost was affordable I decided it was worth a try.."

Product : 52mm Sound stop panels.

Fitting: " I had the bedroom room replastered at the same time as the fitment of the boards to the party wall, the boards were fitted and the room replastered all in one day and as I had all the materials, the cost was just the days labour"

Result: "The improvement is immense, I can sometimes hear the family faintly if I am awake, but I am never woken by them now. At the moment I have bought the boards to do the party wall in the living area and in time I am also going to 'sound stop' the other party walls in the house.."

Gary (Victorian terrace, South London)
Problem: " We could hear the people next door talking loudly and shouting at each other, it was loud enough to hear above the sound of our TV with the volume turned up."

Product : 52mm Sound stop panels.

Fitting: "I found it very easy to fit the boards,and could not think of anything to make it easier."

Result: "Now after fitting the boards it has made a dramatic difference it is much better, we can sometimes hear something but it is mainly a distant muffled sound, I would say an 90% improvement and would use the same method again."

Sean, Oxford (60’s house, brick party wall)
Problem: "Normal daily noise of people next door could be clearly heard in our lounge. "

Product : 52mm Sound stop panels.

Fitting: "Simple to use! my wife and I soundproofed the wall in one evening."

Result: "No longer hear talking, laughing or the television from next door, This product has exceeded our expectations!"

Mr. and Mrs. Baird (Victorian Build)
Problem: "Very noisy neighbours – loud music late at night that affected our sleep."

Product : 52mm Sound stop panels.

Fitting: "Very easy to cut, handle and fit. All materials were of good quality"

Result: "Yes it did. Made an enormous difference and glad we went for the thicker panels. Will certainly be in touch again if I decide to soundproof other areas of our party wall in our lounge and dining room."

Ivan (1910 Terrace)
Problem: "We live in a 1910 terrace. In the living room we could easily hear television - could tell what was being watched ! Voices, coughing etc - even over the noise of our own television!."

Product : 52mm Sound stop panels.

Fitting: "I would say it was straightforward - though obviously quite physical and was glad of an extra pair of hands to help. Perhaps if you had no d.i.y experience you may find it more difficult."

Result: "Huge improvement.Can now enjoy that room without giving any thought to next door.If you press your ear to the wall it is sometimes just possible to hear - but only just. Occasionally if very loud, bass heavy music is played it can be heard."

ceiling projects

(Victorian conversion bedroom, London)

Problem: "Hi there, just been going through some old flagged messages in the inbox and been reminded i never let you know what i thought about the results of the suspended ceiling you advised and supplied the materials for during the refurbishment of my ground floor flat in Clapham back in April Initially the master bedroom was so noisy (a shared bedroom of teenage hip-hop fans directly upstairs; lyrics of their music easily discernible) that I was considering selling the flat as soon as the other refurbishment work was done, but decided to give the Soundstop advice and materials a try before giving up."

Fitting: "The new ceiling replaced the existing plasterboard and took my builders a day and a bit to complete."

Result: "Afterwards, to be honest to start with it was so quiet I just thought they'd gone out or stopped using the room (and didn't want to tempt fate by admitting it was working so well!) , but 6 months on I still haven't heard more than the most distant murmur so I'm prepared to say it's worked much better than I could have imagined. We can sometimes still hear them shouting (now mainly through the outside window I think) but the baselines and gangster rap are gone. I wish I could have afforded to do the whole flat, but until that point, the bedroom is a sanctuary! As promised, feel free to lift bits from this for your website"

(Edwardian conversion - retained original ceiling)

"Our neighbours upstairs took out the carpets and sanded floor boards we had a lot of footfall and music noise."

Fitting: "After we located the joists, it was relativley strightforward, although it helped to have three for the bigger acoustic boards.It saved a lot of mess not having to take down the old ceiling " 3)

Result:"The end result is good, the impact sound is better than when the neighbours had carpets. We no longer hear the TV at all and only occasional muffeld bass sounds from their stereo. I would recomend this system"

(Convert garage to music practice hall, Surrey)

Problem: "Converting brick-built garage (cavity wall) to make drum practice room. Objective was not perfect soundproofing but simply that sound would not intrude into the neighbours houses. I accepted that if they stood outside, they would be able to hear something but I didn’t want them to hear anything when inside. This required a level of soundproofing slightly better than our house."

Fitting: "Made a proper job of the ceiling using resilient bars, 100mm Acoustic mineral Wool and acoustic plasterboard. Just battened the walls and fixed normal plasterboard straight to the battens as they were cavity brick walls and already quite heavy duty. Paid a lot of attention to sealing all the gaps everywhere. Resilient bars and AMW were easy to work with. Heavy acoustic plasterboard was not! Hired machine from HSS to hold boards up on the ceiling whilst I screwed them up and this made it an easy one man job."

Result: "The soundproofing of the structure is very good (especially the roof which is amazing) but some sound leaks through the double-glazed windows and door. However the ceiling performs very well and the result meets the design goals."

(Victorian conversion, retained original ceiling)

Problem:"A lot of noise permeated down to us from above particularly footfall and TV noise."

Fitting:". We installed acoustic hangers with 50mm square battens infilled with 50mm mineralwool slabs and two layers of 12.5mm plasterboard. We didn't use the 19mm for space reasons but the soundproofing still seems very effective. To do my lounge (about 5m x 4.5m) took two of us (experienced amateur DIY'ers) four days, a bit longer than predicted admittedly and we worked pretty hard, but we got there in the end"

Result: "The room is now my 'own space' and I don't hear the neighbours in the lounge of the flat above any longer. I've yet to test the result when they have their next party but the stomping footfalls have all but vanished. My only real criticism is that i've got about 40 hangers left over so wished they were sold in less than the 100 no. boxes as they aren't cheap . But still all in all I am very pleased"

Grays Gym,
(soundproofing massage room, London)

Problem: "We had a room in the gym we wanted to use as a physiotherapy and massage room. The problem was we are below Next, the room was essentially un-usable due to thunderous footfall and the noise of customers in the shop above. We also had a problem with noise from ducts and a party wall to the side."

Fitting: "We decided to go for an independent ceiling then resilient bars and acoustic mineral wool. We insulated the ducts with an acoustic duct wrap, and the wall with resilient bars and acoustic plasterboard. Although it looked a lot of stuff it was easy to fit, and our builder had no problems with the instructions."

Result: "The result was great it surpassed our expectations as the noise was really bad before. We now use the room for massage and other treatments."

(Victorian conversion, London)

Problem: "The owner of the flat above mine had recently laid parquet flooring above my bedroom and I could hear everything going in their living room; conversation, music, any time anyone walked across the floor etc. It was waking me up every morning and preventing me from going to sleep at night."

Fitting: "I got some very reliable and good builders I know to fix it for me to ensure the job was done properly. They did not have a problem fitting it and only took 3 days, mainly due to the very awkward shape of the room and the amount of debris contained between the floor boards."

Result: "I am happy with the end result. It was explained to me that it would not completely remove the impact sound before I began but the airborne sound would be removed which is exactly the situation now. I can still hear the noise of people walking over the floor, but it is dramatically reduced! I can not hear conversation anymore and can only hear the music when they have it up full volume (although I think this is more to do with the fact they have the windows open as well). Overall I am very happy and can now sleep, thank you."

floor projects
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